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Schmidt Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Everett Patients Say

Woman with hand over heartAt Schmidt Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Schmidt Family Chiropractic care.

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Save My Life

“I have only been coming to Dr. Robb for about a week now so my success is very exciting to me. I have grown used to my daily headaches for about 3 years now and never put too much thought to it, I would just say “Oh I need to eat something” or “I have my hair pulled back to tight.” Then my friend Lisa told me about Dr. Robb and how I should come in just to be looked at, so I did and most of my tests and x-rays did not look too bad, but there was healing and care that needed to be done. So my main point was that now that I have been coming here, I have not had a headache in about a week now and my neck and back have never felt better. So, I would like to thank Lisa and most important Dr. Robb for helping to save my life.”
– S.R.

Headache Free

“In the last 20 years I was told by many Doctors that I just simply needed to learn to deal with the stress in my life. I have tried to do many different methods in order to do what they suggested. Finally, I was told about Dr. Robb. When I began to see him, for the past years, have almost had daily headaches, in addition to frequent migraines. The past weeks have been headache free, and feeling much better as to the reasons or rather the possibilities for the headaches. I thank you Dr. Robb for helping me lead headache free days, and also for knowing that I was not doing something wrong in my every day life in order to not be able to deal with stress!”
– L.E.

Thank You Doctor

“I came to Dr. Bill Jr. with shoulder pain. He had helped my daughter who is an athlete. The doctor wanted to look at my neck which was thrust forward. At that time I had frequent leg pain in bed and I couldn’t get within 8″ of touching my toes.

With periodic adjustments and stretching exercises recommended by Dr. Bill Jr., my posture is better, I can touch my toes. I have no aches and pains when I am in adjustment and my body is more flexible in general. I have become quite picky about how I want to feel now that I know what to look for as signs of trouble. Thank you Dr. Bill Jr.”
– P.S.

Been a Blessing

“By the time I brought my son into see Dr. Robb, he had already suffered with a severe headache for six months. I had taken him to several family practice doctors, a neurologist, an infection disease specialist, a naturopathic doctor, a massage therapist and a different chiropractor. All this effort and testing and waiting, produced no results, and no hope of finding out what was really the cause of his headaches. Pain medication, both prescription and over the counter did nothing to ease the pain. My son was suffering and I could not find anything to help him. After seeing all these *specialists*, all my son was offered was the words “He looks okay to me,” and “He’s depressed, try these antidepressants.” Yes he was depressed, you would be too if you had a constant headache for six months. Then, we found Dr. Robb Within the first week my son found relief. His concentration came back; he was laughing and being loud again, just like a 13 year old should be. I can’t sing enough praises over the care Dr. Robb gives each of his patients. When my son got hit in the head accidentally and his headaches came blazing back, Dr. Robb saw him immediately and had him back in headache free state once again. I don’t even want to think of where my son would be without Dr. Robb. He has proved to be a blessing in our lives.”
– J.H.

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