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Meet Dr. Robert Schmidt

What I love most about being a chiropractor is that I get to help people live full, healthy lives.”

Doctor adjusting woman backOne day in 1998, Dr. Robb shadowed his father, Dr. Bill Sr., in the chiropractic office. Seeing him work with his patients, and how they left feeling better, really made an impression on Dr. Robb. As the day flew by, Dr. Robb learned all about how chiropractic truly worked-that by removing interference, the body’s innate intelligence can heal itself.

This philosophy made perfect sense to Dr. Robb-and it’s proven true time and time again in his years of practice.

Gaining Experience and Expertise

After a chiropractic education, Dr. Robb began working with patients in the office, which is where his schooling truly began. “My motto is that people don’t care how much you know; they want to know how much you care. My approach is very conservative in caring for patients and no two patients are exactly alike. This always keeps us on our toes as practitioners and always open to learning new things.”

It’s Dr. Robb’s goal to make sure that every patient understands that he sincerely wants to help them. Though the goal of any business is typically to make a profit that is not the focus at Schmidt Family Chiropractic. The focus is on helping people.

My father, who started the business in 1965, always said to my brother and me to focus on the job and prosperity will follow. It sounds old school, but he is right.”

Continuing to Learn

Dr. Robb’s learning certainly didn’t stop after chiropractic school. He takes continuing education classes to stay on top of his skills. In 2005, he became a Board-Certified Atlas Orthogonist. This credential came from Dr. Roy Sweat, who founded the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

“The more I learn, the more I am humbled about how much I don’t know. One can never be bored learning about God’s masterpiece: the human body.”

A Love of Family

Dr. Robb’s passionate about his family, which includes his wife Petra, and their six children. They’re all big snow skiers and try to go every week during the winter. In the summer, they golf together and take RV trips.

If you know the Schmidt family, you might already know that Dr. Robb and his three siblings grew up on a blueberry farm in Marysville, which his parents started 65 years ago. Their parents remain there. “Farm living is good living. The farm taught us, four children, how to work, and how to work together. We learned many lessons taking care of those blueberries. It is no coincidence that many Bible stories are about farming! I could not have asked for a better place to grow up.”

Start Today

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